Georgia Film Locations

Georgia Film Locations

To date, more than 700 film and television projects have been shot in Georgia. And there are many good reasons why.

As the largest state east of the Mississippi River, Georgia offers a remarkable variety of film locations suitable for any virtually any type of production. From the beautiful North Georgia mountains to the bucolic farmlands and coastal beaches and islands located in the Southern part of the state, Georgia offers virtually any type of landscape. Georgia is also home to a variety of swamps, marshes, and scenic rivers and lakes, as well as quaint, historic small towns and modern, major metropolitan cities.

To support your production, the state of Georgia boasts one of the deepest and most experienced crew bases in the country, with more than 5,000 union and non-union professionals. Another 1,000+ production suppliers and support vendors also make their home here, from lighting and grip to film and HD camera rental houses, sound stages, post production facilities, film labs, video game development studios, sound design and recording studios, and much more. Georgia also has an extensive network of tremendously talented actors and casting agencies.

Combined with the state’s generous financial incentives, vast transportation network (including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest), moderate climate and high quality of life, Georgia offers ample production value at a competitive cost.

Click here to view maps and location photos showcasing many of the filming locations available in Georgia. For further location assistance, or more information about filming locations in Georgia, please contact the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office.

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