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The Georgia Production Partnership has established four types of annual memberships. If you are interested in participating in the GPP, please choose one of the following categories:

  • $25 (non-voting) For any person at a post High School level who is majoring in a film, video, music, or interactive game industry related field. Georgia students must be 18 years old or older with a current student ID.
  • $100 (one vote) For individuals working in a company with a Georgia office, which derives a portion of its revenues from the film, video, music, and interactive game industries, or for any freelance Georgia resident whose income is wholly or partially derived from the industry.
  • $150 (non-voting) For any person or company who is interested in the business of the Georgia Production Partnership may petition the Executive Board to join as an Associate Member. A majority vote of the Executive Board will determine whether the application will be accepted.
  • $300 (two votes) For companies with a Georgia office who derive a portion of their revenue from the film, video, music, and interactive game industries. Allows for 4 delegates to represent your company. Business contact information and Web link displayed on Corporate Members page.

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Contacting GPP About Membership

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Membership Details, please contact GPP Membership using one of the following methods:

GPP Membership
Georgia Production Partnership
PO Box 52293
Atlanta, GA 30355

Email Clark Cofer at

Georgia Production Partnership
PO Box 550268
Atlanta, Georgia 30355

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