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Web Site Pop-ups, Cookies, and ActiveX Controls

The Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) Web site uses pop-up browser windows and temporary cookies for secure PayPal credit card transactions. Pop-up windows are also used for Web-based forms and information on services and new features. If our Web pages do not open when a link is clicked or do not appear to be functioning correctly, you may be using a highMicrosoft Internet Explorer security setting, or software such as a Pop-Up Blocker. By default, pop-up blockers usually enable security features to combat Internet pop-up advertising, however, they also prevent certain Web site functions from working such as opening additional browser windows and viewing rich media with embedded ActiveX controls like Adobe Flashanimation and QuickTime movies. Because pop-up windows, cookies, and ActiveX content are used throughout our Web site, we recommend that you either disable the pop-up blocker during your visit with us or add to your “Allow” or “Trusted Sites” lists.

Web Site JavaScript

The GPP Web site uses JavaScript, which must be enabled in your browser in order to view navigation menus and other important services & features of this Web site. Some IT departments may have scripting turned off by default. Please consult your administrator or browser help file for further assistance on how to enable JavaScript in your favorite Internet browser. We also recommend that you add to your “Allow” or “Trusted Sites” lists.

Contacting Us About Our Web Site

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the operation of the Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) Web site, please Contact GPP Web Support.

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