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2023 Board Nominations

Must be an active member to vote

Welcome to the 2023 Board of Directors Nomination page.  

These are the positions up for election this year. 

Open Officer Positions/Duties

President or Co-Presidents- The President or Co-Presidents serve as the chief executive officers of the organization, presiding over all board and general meetings. As the official spokespersons, they are responsible for public representation and are accountable for the overall direction and integrity of the organization. They also carry out additional roles as delegated by the Executive Board.

Vice President- The Vice-President assists the President(s) in carrying out their duties, focusing primarily on the organization's Fundraising and Development initiatives. In the absence of the President(s), the Vice-President assumes their roles and responsibilities.

Secretary- The Secretary is responsible for the meticulous maintenance of all organization records, including meeting minutes, official notices, and other important documents. They ensure that books, records, and papers are well-organized and up-to-date, serving as the custodian of the organization’s institutional memory.

Treasurer- The Treasurer oversees all financial aspects of the organization, including the collection, deposit, and disbursement of funds. They maintain financial records and provide regular financial reports to the board, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and policies.

Open Committee Chair Positions/Duties

  1. Membership Committee Chair: Oversees efforts to attract and retain members, coordinating initiatives to provide value and enhance member engagement. Responsible for member onboarding and managing the membership database.

  2. Marketing and Communications Committee Chair: Leads the planning and execution of all marketing and communication strategies. Responsible for public relations, social media, and other forms of outreach to elevate the organization's profile.

  3. Industry and Community Relations Committee Chair: Focuses on building and sustaining relationships with key industry stakeholders and the broader community. Responsible for advocacy efforts and liaising between the organization and external parties.

  4. Education Committee Chair: Spearheads educational programs and resources for members and the wider community. Coordinates seminars, workshops, and other educational events that align with the organization’s mission.

  5. Volunteer Committee Chair: Manages volunteer engagement, including recruitment, training, and retention. Responsible for coordinating volunteer activities and ensuring volunteers are effectively utilized and acknowledged.

Voting will be open and available from December 1, 2023 through December 30, 2023.  The election results will be announced within 48 business hours after the voting closes. Newly elected GPP Board Directors will begin their terms at the Board of Directors Meeting held in the month of January following the election.

Send an email to the nominating committee at or fill out the form below. 

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