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Why Write a Dissertation?

The dissertation is a serious work, the writing of which will crown a successful scientific work. This will allow you to gain a foothold in the scientific environment and continue the research you have begun. Many people constantly wonder whether it is advisable for to write a dissertation, because you can get a prestigious job with an ordinary university diploma. As a rule, the answer to the question about working on a Ph.D. thesis remains different for everyone.

What it is?

A dissertation is a special, strictly defined form of a scientific work, prepared for public defense and obtaining an academic degree. Officially, quite high requirements are imposed on the work, the main ones are:

  • Conducting scientific research should be carried out solely by the author.

  • The work includes the development of new economic and technological scientific research, and the full presentation of the results.

  • The scientific work has a high methodological approach and reflects the personal contribution of the graduate student/applicant to the development of the problem under study.

  • Author's decisions and proposals should be clearly formulated in the work, supported by relevant facts and arguments.

  • With the successful selection and provision of material, the work of a graduate student/applicant should be publicly defended.

Pros of writing and submitting a research paper

In the case when the purpose of studying at a higher educational institution was not only to obtain a state-recognized diploma, but also to acquire new knowledge for application in future work, then the student most likely agrees to enter graduate school. Continuing education is necessary for those students who are eager to receive more and more new knowledge and, in the future, are preparing to create a scientific masterpiece.

Postgraduate study will allow not only to satisfy one's ambition, but also to continue research activities in a field already developed independently. In the event that scientific achievements gain momentum and interest the public, the author can count on a prestigious international award for a significant contribution to science. The work depends solely on the author of the scientific work, on the efforts made by him. Postgraduate study gives a chance to write a candidate's work, get a degree and stay to work at the department of the university.

There are also opposite goals for admission to further education, which have nothing to do with the field of scientific research. These include:

  • the desire to get a degree for a “tick”, without continuing to work in the field of science;

  • receiving a 4-year deferment from military service;

  • the goal is to stay in the city where the university is located, with a fixed place in the hostel.

Help with writing

If you encounter difficulties in writing a dissertation research consisting of many stages, there is an option to contact specialists who are ready to provide services and assistance. Qualitatively performed work that meets all technical parameters guarantees the success of its delivery and the assignment of a scientific qualification to the candidate.

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