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Lights, Camera, Advocacy: Your Role in Supporting Georgia's Film Industry

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Empowering Voices Through Personal Testimony

Earlier this week, the Georgia General Assembly had a meeting to review the Georgia Film Tax Incentive. Lawmakers listened to industry leaders, state officials, and others to understand how valuable the film incentive is. They wanted to see if it's worth the investment.

We believe the meeting was a grand success with stakeholders from across the state coming out to express their support for the tax incentive and how it impacts the community at large.

But your story matters just as much!  Tell it by Monday. You can find your legislators here, and their contact information by clicking on their name.

The work is just beginning

The Georgia Entertainment Tax Incentive, a cornerstone of the state's thriving film industry, offers a compelling narrative of economic growth and cultural enrichment. However, its significance extends beyond dollars and cents; it's about the personal impact that resonates with individuals across the state. Local legislative leaders must understand the human stories behind this incentive.

Your Role in Advocacy

In advocating for the Georgia Entertainment Tax Incentive, individuals become the voices that resonate within the chambers of power. Sharing personal experiences, whether as industry professionals or residents, is paramount. The call to action is clear: send public testimony to assert the industry's importance and the lives it sustains.

Crafting Your Testimony

Crafting impactful testimony requires a blend of art and authenticity. Your narrative should encompass your identity, your role in the industry, and how the incentive has shaped your life. Authenticity is the linchpin, and personalization adds depth to your message.

Impact on Local Businesses

The film industry's symbiotic relationship with local businesses is a testament to its economic significance. From caterers to hardware stores, this industry breathes life into countless enterprises. As we delve deeper, the need for continued incentives becomes self-evident.

Economic Impact on Individuals

Beyond balance sheets and revenue, the Georgia Entertainment Tax Incentive safeguards jobs for countless individuals. It's the difference between pursuing a passion or seeking employment elsewhere. Personal stories of resilience and success underscore the human side of this economic powerhouse.

Give legislators your testimony

To amplify your voice and contribute to the chorus of support, follow practical steps for submitting testimony to legislative leaders. But remember, authenticity is the key. Your message should be as unique as your experience, echoing the heartbeat of your journey.

Effective communication begins with access. Here are the contact details for House and Senate Committee members and their dedicated administrators, facilitating direct engagement in the legislative process:


· Admin Alexandra Duncan

· House Budget & Research Office Brock Perry


· Admin Diego Santana

· Senate Research Office Austin Bryson

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