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Covey Film Festival to host student film competition

Terri Vismale-Morris, Nancy Tinker,(executive director of Landmarks) Lisa Billups,(executive director of TCRC), Leslie Ballenger, Doby Flowers and Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson (Covey Organizer).

THOMASVILLE- Covey Film Festival is excited to announce once again the Student Film Competition for high school students in their junior or senior years of high school. Students can submit a three minute film using their phones or other video options.

This year Covey Film Festival is honored to collaborate with Thomasville Landmarks whose staff and board are working with Covey to help spread the word as well. Both organizations have determined that the theme of this year’s student film festival is “ landmark.” They are asking students to use their film to illustrate what a landmark is to them. The festival is using the definition of a landmark as: an object, a building, a structure of historical significance or an event that marks a turning point. The films can be made using phones, cameras or other recording devices. The film submissions need to be submitted by November 15th...READ MORE HERE

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