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INTERVIEW: Brian Tyree Henry on the pure genius of ‘Atlanta’ and evolution of Alfred/Paper Boi

Via Atlanta Journal-Constitution Written by: Rodney Ho

Actor Brian Tyree Henry is well aware that the break between season two and three of FX’s “Atlanta” was incredibly long: nearly four years.

But he said with all the mayhem of the past four years, including the George Floyd protests, the pandemic and political upheaval since 2018, “we have more to talk about. ‘Atlanta’ works best by observing the world we live in and embodying it in the show. The writers were incredibly malleable to what was going on.” The series shot its third and fourth season last year in succession. The third season debuted last month with the fifth episode airing last Thursday. And “Atlanta” is by no means taking any conventional path in its story telling. The main characters, including Henry’s Alfred (aka rap star Paper Boi), are touring Europe. Yet two of the first five episodes that have aired so far in this 10-episode season had nothing to do with the main story line.

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