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Is Trilith, a ‘Company Town’ for Marvel’s Georgia Production Workers, the Template for Future Cities


Pat Saperstein Via

Imagine that you’re a makeup artist or a production manager on a Marvel movie. You’re working long hours and barely have time to shop for groceries or get in any exercise, let alone do yardwork or socialize. But what if your house was a pleasant 10-minute stroll from the studio, during which you passed a craft beer bar and outdoor concert stage? You’re too tired when you get home to think about grocery shopping, but that’s OK, because the delivery robot has just rolled up in front of your house with your weekly order.

That’s the almost-too-utopian promise of Trilith, the town portion of Trilith Studios (formerly Pinewood Atlanta), the homebase for Marvel’s Georgia productions. Pinewood’s (now Trilith) stake in the studios and town was bought out by River’s Rock Trust in 2020. River’s Rock is the independently managed trust of Chick-fil-A principal Dan T. Cathy and his family.

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