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Meet: Patrick Avard

Patrick Avard is a pioneering entrepreneur, award-winning music producer, and the CEO and founder of Georgia-based Production Music company, Level 77 Music. Avard has been known as the top producer of World Championship cheer music for more than two decades, and his tracks were featured in the hit Netflix series CHEER. Most recently, he is focused on the rapid growth and expansion of Level 77 Music which is music catalogue and custom music house based in the Atlanta area which creates high-quality, original music for film, TV, advertising, and video games.

“I am so blessed to have been able to spend the last 22 years in the music industry. I still wake up every day with the passion to learn, the willingness to grow, and mind to create music.” Patrick recently produced an album called Playlist Pop for Level 77 Music’s VIVE Label which you can listen to HERE.

Company Website:

Personal Website:

Instagram: @level77music

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