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Member Spotlight: Dayna Noffke

Dayna Noffke is a WGA writer and screenwriter specializing in character-driven horror, thrillers, and dark comedy. She came by her sense of gallows humor honestly, having grown up as the clumsy kid in the back brace. While other kids were learning archery at camp, you could find her holed up in the craft cabin watching movies on a loop and penning short stories on construction paper.

Dayna’s work is fueled by a desire for connection and informed by diverse life experiences - from a short roller derby career to a degree in primatology, teaching special education, cocktail waitressing, and beyond.

She is particularly drawn to tales of outsiders, survival, and complex family dynamics. Her favorite stories exist at the intersection of the horrible, the humorous, and the beautiful.

When she’s not madly typing, you’ll find Dayna hanging out with her family, traveling on the cheap, studying Japanese, skating, or working on vintage monster models.

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