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Member Spotlight: James Parker

Dr. James Parker "JParker" Griffin, Jr. is an executive producer, screenwriter, author, and certified television producer. His company's entertainment motto is "Innovative Vision--Groundbreaking Content".

He is an expert in narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), and this extensive background in this area has helped him to write a fictional screenplay and book called "The 25th Demon". He specializes in working with individuals with NPD and the survivors of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse from people with this mental health disorder.

In particular, he focuses on working with African American Males and many other groups of people by providing science-based interventions. He meets people where they are without judgment. He provides individual, family, premarital, and marital therapy. For more information about the private practice, go to the Psychology Today Therapist Referral Page, and search for his name in Marietta, GA.

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