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Movie Industry Says Georgia's Film Tax Credits Are Great. State Auditors Say They're a Waste of Mone

By Joe Lancaster


Contradicting a new report funded by entertainment industry advocates, state auditors have cast significant doubts on the tax credit program's actual effectiveness.

(Ilustration: Lex Villena; Thakkura Podjanapon)

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a trend of remote work, the entertainment industry was increasingly decentralized. It has long been a trope that films and TV shows take place in major American cities like New York and Los Angeles but film in places like Toronto. Georgia is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the trend: In 2016, more major movies were filmed in the state than in California.

The state made itself attractive through tax incentives first passed in the mid-2000s. For film or TV productions costing at least $500,000, the state offers a 20 percent transferable credit; projects can qualify for an additional 10 percent simply by adding a peach logo to the credits..READ MORE

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One issue I have with the State assessment is that they don't seem to consider all the ancillary jobs and business increases that result from Ga Filming. Lumber yards, hotels, restaurants, hardware stores, clothing purchases, car rentals, companies that put down layout board, companies that rent specific equipment, porta-pottie rentals, etc. It goes on and on. Literally thousands of jobs have moved here, and those people pay taxes here. If they pull the tax credits, Hollywood will leave to the next state that offers a favorable climate. And we just built massive infrastructure here and lots of people have moved here from Calif. Typical GOP response to a "liberal" industry it would seem. Look at what happened in Michigan 13…

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