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There’s still time to let your voice be heard…

Create Gwinnett is the first-ever comprehensive master plan for Gwinnett County to grow creativity and support arts and culture as an engine for the county’s prosperity. Create Gwinnett needs your recommendations on how best to enhance Gwinnett as a cultural destination where the arts educate, elevate, and inspire.

The plan is now underway, so if you live, work or play in Gwinnett let your voice be heard and take this short survey before September 30, 2022.

Input from the community will help planners understand where you are currently experiencing arts and cultural events, what types of activities you have participated in, and what you think is missing from Gwinnett County that can help arts and culture thrive.

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lincoln writes
lincoln writes
Sep 22, 2022

Will definitely make the voice heard, encourage everyone to join in it also. BTW, Looking for a writer for your book? Lincoln Writes can help you with professional video book trailers services for all of your book-related requirements.

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