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Tribute to Vivian Jones, Past President of GPP

By Ric Reitz

It is with sadness that the executive officers and board of GPP must inform the membership of the loss of one our founders, Vivian Jones.

Vivian was part of our organization starting in its earliest days of 1995, even before we were called the Atlanta Production Partnership. She was instrumental in our development into the Georgia Production Partnership, including our incorporation in 1998, and later became Co-President from 2002-2004.

Vivian's connections within local government helped lead to the eventual acquisition of political lobbyists and focused our mission. She was a local industry leader in the 80’s and 90’s, and in the early millennium, was a producer for Jayan Films and First Light Productions. While we take a moment to remember her, also know that it is shoulders like hers that we all stand upon.

Thank you, Vivian.

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Janice Burstein
Janice Burstein
Jul 10, 2023

It is with great sadness to hear about the loss of Vivian. We were great together at First Light and she was a real leader and a tremendous friend. We hadn't spoken in years and for that I am truly sorry. Thank you for honoring her memory.


Suzan Satterfield
Suzan Satterfield
Feb 06, 2023

Ric - Thank you and GPP for remembering Vivian here. When I first moved to Atlanta to work, her name was one of the first I heard and it was always spoken with respect. Vivian was a true leader and always seemed unflappable. I mostly admired her from afar and was inspired by her reputation and career, as I'm sure many other women were at that time. She truly changed our industry here for the better. RIP, Vivian.

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