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Welcome to Women's History Month! Meet Vernita Whitaker-Naylor

Vernita Whitaker-Naylor is from the Bay Area in California, who has always had a love for entertainment. She sees it as a way to create, daydream, and be in bliss while living life to the fullest. As a child watching cartoons, listening to music and the radio, she always wondered who the people were behind the characters and mediums.

Later on, she became a part of the music and entertainment industry, and for over a decade helped to bring encouragement, empowerment and quality talent to the industry.

Determined to expand her entertainment expertise, Vernita worked with several elite acting coaches, actors, acting schools, studios, and casting directors across the world to hone in and develop her unique niche craft for:

  • Voice Over (animation, audiobooks, radio and TV commercials)

  • Commercial Actress (television and radio)

  • Print Artist

In her spare time, Vernita shares her voice through volunteering and giving back via:

  • Screenwriting Reviewer

  • College Scholarship Reviewer

  • Mobile Food Pantry Giveaway and Drive

  • Grammy In The Schools

  • Grammy Career Day

Currently equipped with training in different entertainment mediums and a passion for creative energy with a desire to entertain, enlighten and engage audiences, Vernita Whitaker-Naylor is ready to share her gifts with the world.



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