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Women’s Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta 2023!

Elevating creatives with fun, unique and women-centered stories

ATLANTA, GA (March 14th, 2023): The Women's Comedy Film Festival is a theatrical screening event in Atlanta for independent films featuring female filmmakers, actors, directors, writers and producers from all over the world. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase the talent of female directors, writers, actors, and everything in between right here in one of the world's fastest growing film communities.

The full list of our 2023 Official Selections and Award Nominations can be found on our website.

This event takes place on Sunday, March 19, 2023 from 12 pm to 7pm, at the Wild Heaven Brewery and Gardens, 1010 White Street, Atlanta, GA, 30310. We will have Short Film Screenings, Industry Panels, Table Reads, Filmmaker Q&As, Networking, and the Awards Ceremony.

You can purchase either In-Person or Virtual Tickets (for our Streaming Platform) through this link.

About The Women’s Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta

Every year, The Women’s Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta celebrates Women in Film, showcasing the work made by women or highlighting women through films or screenplays. In short, this is a female-centric comedy Film Festival that recognizes exceptional filmmaking and screenwriting with awards and nominations by our judging panel.

Our festival director, Caroline King, has been in comedy since the age of 14 where she started with Second City and iO comedy theaters in Chicago. Since she made her home in Atlanta 8 years ago, this festival was a dream come true to celebrate Women in Comedy and has been going strong for 5 years since it started.

Whether you’re a film industry professional, film enthusiast, or just curious about the latest news on Independent Cinema, come join us for a whole day of film-centered experiences.

For more information about The Women’s Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta, visit Women's Comedy Film

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