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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Stars, EP on Moving the Show to Georgia in Season 8

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Fear the Walking Dead may have just returned for the second half of its seventh season, but by the time things wrap up in a few months, expect some big changes in the series, both on screen and behind the scenes. Specifically, after shooting in Texas since 2018, Fear will be moving back to the franchise’s home turf in Georgia.

“We are in the planning stages of season 8 now,” co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss told Decider, “so of course given our move, the story is being constructed with that in mind in terms of the locations we’re writing to. You’ll see this is further down in Season 7, but the end of Season 7 was written with the move in mind. So the narrative is geared towards the change of location as well.”

Unlike The Walking Dead, which has stayed in the general area of Georgia, Virginia and the environs for 11 seasons now, even establishing a massive studio in the area, Fear the Walking Dead has jumped around to other locales. The show started in Los Angeles, before staging seasons in Vancouver, Baja and finally Austin. And then on November 11, 2021, the Austin Chronicle reported that Fear would be moving once again.

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