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Healing: A Mental Health Moment

May is mental health month and we are taking this moment to recognize the need to care for our mental health.

This industry is not for the faint of heart, those who give up easily, or any who lack imagination. But being brave, determined, and creative does not mean you can't ask for help sometimes. Our work can wear you down, beat you up and wring you out on any given day so take time for yourself. Keep perspective. Ask for help if the hurdle seems too much.

Support someone who appears to be struggling. Being vulnerable can save a life - even yours

To date, there are many people that are dealing with mental health conditions.

Country Singer and Songwriter Naomi Judd was a fierce advocate and raised awareness about offering support to people struggling with depression, and publicly and bravely opened up about her experiences. If you, or if you know of someone struggling with their mental health, there is hope.

Click here for a list of resources.

A Message from the Georgia Production Partnership Board and Committee Chairs.

LaRonda Sutton, Co-President

Jeremiah Bennett, Co-President

Darius Evans, Vice-President

Kristy Clabaugh, Treasurer

Susan Moss, Secretary

Patricia Taylor, Current Past President

Aneesah Bray, Current Past President

Melissa Goodman, Internal Governance

Shellie Schmalls, Membership

Kimberly Raybon, Industry and Community Relations

Alexis Bushell, Volunteers

Em Fergusson, Marketing and Communications

Peter Stathopoulos, Government Relations

Nina Packer, Education

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