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Member Spotlight: John Clements

John Clements is a leading authority on historical fencing and one of the world's foremost practitioner-instructors of Medieval and Renaissance fighting methods. A pioneer in the field of historical fencing studies, he has been practicing since 1980 and is the most prolific writer on historical fencing active today. He has practiced European swordsmanship and historical fighting methods for more than two-and-a-half decades researched swords and arms in 12 countries and taught classes and seminars on the subject in 10 countries. His writings on swordsmanship and historical close-combat have appeared in eleven different published books since 2001 and was also the writer & producer of the first of its kind web documentary on Renaissance martial arts. Based outside Atlanta, Georgia, he teaches internationally as well as (since summer 2005) from his one-of-a-kind private facility, Iron Door Studio.

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