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Member Spotlight: Natalie Jameson

Working to make a name for herself as an upcoming screenwriter, Natty James (Natalie Jameson) has been actively growing her credentials in the film industry. Aiming to ultimately become a TV showrunner, Natty has been gearing her creative storytelling ability to producing a television sitcom. The upcoming comedy series, set to debut sometime shortly in the near future, is only one of the many ongoing projects on her roster. Working as a Producer-in-Training, at People TV, Inc., a local cable channel airing in Atlanta, GA, and an Associate Editor, Natty is currently striving to establish her own media company, Natty James Productions — a platform which will produce content surrounding movies and television shows.

Advancing in the Los Angeles Screenplay Awards Competition for summer 2021 and The 2022 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition with her first-written screenplay, Natty is developing a horror/drama television series. The series, currently in the making, follows the gist and amalgamation of iconic series including Games of Thrones, True Blood, and The Tudors. Currently pursuing an MFA in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in screenwriting, Natty is striving to further her career as she feels writing is her calling in life. And she is on a journey to share the facets of her wild imagination with the public. Focusing on introducing original, creative, and vibrant shows and movies that feature BIPOC at the forefront, Natty is setting herself to become a trailblazer for diversity and representation in entertainment. Natty mainly produces content surrounding the fantasy, sci-fi, romance, horror, and adventure genres.

T: @njthewriter

IG: @njthewriter

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