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Update On Legislation: Georgia's Film Tax Credit Continues Unchanged"

As the 2024 legislative session concluded just after midnight this morning, the spotlight was once again on the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, a cornerstone of the state’s thriving film sector. Despite the introduction of new film legislation, notably HB 1180, and a spirited journey through the House and Senate Finance Committee, the session ended with the status quo maintained. The proposed bill, which sought amendments to the current film tax credit system, was halted in its tracks, failing to secure a vote on the Senate floor.

This outcome means that the program remains unchanged, continuing to fuel the state’s reputation as a premier filming destination.

The journey of HB 1180 and SB 349, the latter incorporating last-minute amendments related to the film tax credit, reflects the complexities of legislative processes. Despite SB 349’s overwhelming passage in the House, it stumbled in the Senate, missing the crucial vote to agree on the amendments.

With the film tax credit program set to continue as is, attention now turns to future legislative sessions. The industry, along with its supporters, remains vigilant and prepared to engage in forthcoming discussions. The partnership and dialogue between the industry and state leaders are essential in ensuring that Georgia not only maintains but also expands its legacy as a global leader in film and television production.

GPP would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the diligent legislators of our state and the vibrant community of entertainment we proudly represent. Your tireless efforts and unwavering dedication play a pivotal role in sustaining and advancing our shared vision for Georgia's entertainment industry. We deeply appreciate your commitment to fostering a thriving, dynamic environment for film and television production.

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