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Member Spotlight: Brigette Jerrelle

Brigette Jerelle is a Creative Producer who got hooked on writing when she was seven. One day, she let a woman at her church read a story she wrote at school, and the woman was so impressed that she asked to keep it. Thinking to herself, “Someone wanted to keep my story,” she hurried to write more.

Though she went to college for Business Management and Leadership, Brigette fell in love with writing and producing when she worked for Turner Broadcasting and Gospel Music Channel early in her career. Brigette has been a work-for-hire writer for years, selling her words to the highest bidder, not caring about credit. It didn't matter because it wasn't her main job or focus. She was too busy working business operations jobs for steady paychecks. But by combining her love for business and creating, she was able to produce independent projects, including music videos, reality show pilots, and live streams.

In 2018 she joined Bridge 17 Scriptwriter’s Studio to sharpen her screenwriter and creative producer skills. But, when the industry shut down in 2020, she took a job running a covid testing lab for the Film and TV industry. She took great pride in helping productions keep their employees safe and working. As the Regional Operations Manager for Georgia and New York, she oversaw the covid testing for massive projects like Spider-man, Black Adam, Stranger Things, Cobra Kai, Blacklist, and many more. Grateful that covid testing is no longer needed in the industry, she is refocused on creating and producing.

Brigette has a short film in pre-production with Bridge 17 that will go into production this summer. She’s spent many years studying in the school of life, observing people from all walks of life and backgrounds, from corporate executives to low-level employees. She’s dined and danced with the wealthy, the middle class, and the homeless. She understands and empathizes with the human experience allowing her to create content and stories that people relate to.

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