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United Talent Agency Announced It Will Open Office In Atlanta!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Source VIA AJC

The talk of the town is that UTA is moving a full-service office to Atlanta! This is exciting news for our industry of home grown creators. Read excerpts from this AJC article written by Rodney Ho below:

"The United Talent Agency (UTA), one of the largest talent agencies in Hollywood, is opening a full-service office in Atlanta, yet another sign of maturation for the state’s burgeoning entertainment business, fueled by generous film and TV tax credits passed 13 years ago."

"This is not a satellite office. Two key members of UTA will run the Atlanta office: Steve Cohen, partner and agent of motion picture talent, and Arthur Lewis, partner and creative director of UTA Fine Arts and UTA Artist Space. Both have Atlanta ties. Cohen graduated from Emory University in 2004. Lewis attended Morehouse in the late 1980s." “Atlanta is an epicenter of sports, music, art, business and culture,” said UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer in a press release. “There is a huge and growing opportunity to connect talent with new possibilities that help them build their careers, where they live and on their terms.”

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